As usual, we will be closed this week in order to remix out of stock dyes and to make a new color. You will be able to order again October 3, 2023. Orders placed before we closed will process as normal. (We needed a couple more days to finish and we will have a new Dark Horse dye to publish Monday.)

Machine Needle - Cotton, Knits, Woven

$4.99 USD

Schmetz is the highest quality machine needle available.  Their Universal needle is an all purpose needle that works with all household sewing machines.  It has a regular point that is suitable for both woven and knit fabrics.  Blue jeans, knit shirts, lingerie, can all be sewn with the Universal needle.  Size 80/12 is good for cotton, linen, and knits.  Package holds five 80/12 needles.  Imported.