Little One-Yard Wonders

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Little One-Yard Wonders features 101 inventive projects that can be completed in just a few hours.  Although there are no hand dyed fabrics demonstrated in this sewing book and it doesn't teach how to dye, we included it in our selection as an inspiration to dyers who would like to dye up one yard pieces and make them into something useful.  Or, perhaps for a dyer who already has left over one yard pieces of fabric to use up.  It gives great step-by-step illustrated sewing instructions, close-up photographs, and it supplies the pattern pieces!  Create hand dyed and printed wearable art, household, and other child-related items with just one yard of your own dyed fabric.  Whether you're furnishing your nursery, making new clothes for a growing child, or creating a unique gift for a baby shower, this collection might have the perfect project for you.  Authors: Patricia Hoskins and Rebecca Yaker.  Hardcover, Spiral bound.  Pages: 360.  Size: 9.13" X 8.5".