Wild Garden


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This color swatch contains five different colors: 2 yellows, turquoise, violet, and blue.  It is a dark horse.  

THE PROCESS: We go through hundreds of dye combinations and choose the ones that are strong, vibrant, and/or unique (the ones that stand out to us). We use a 10”x10” cotton swatch and batch the test colors twice. But we don’t actually know how they will look on your projects (that’s your job). That’s why we named them Dark Horse Dyes - we don’t really know what the final results will be. We decided to do it this way so that we can put out a lot in a shorter period of time. You will let us know which ones you like or not. The one thing we can guarantee is that you will be working with high quality dyes.

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Airplane Fold Kaleidoscope

Wild Garden ice dye kaleidoscope.
It's on a old Duluth T-shirt that was navy, but after using out white Brite it became tan. Tan is the base color of the t-shirt
First time using this dye, and my first attempt at this pattern. I tried to add an extra fold which made my folds too thick.
I was also pretty heavy handed with the dye. Still turned out pretty cool. Definitely a cool color! I'm sure it would be totally different with a lighter application of dye, And a white t-shirt.....

Wild Garden

I love this color. It splits into purple and green which is my FAVORITE combo. I tried to leave a review already so I hope this doesn’t post twice. I highly recommend Dyespin Dyes and their Dark Horse line of dyes designed for ice dyeing.

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Jessica Murray
Love this one!!

I don’t do many single color dyes but just had to try with this one. It did not disappoint, this dye is pure magic


Amazing color and saturation