Moody Blue


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THE PROCESS: We go through hundreds of dye combinations and choose the ones that are strong, vibrant, and/or unique (the ones that stand out to us). We use a 10”x10” cotton swatch and batch the test colors twice. But we don’t actually know how they will look on your projects (that’s your job). That’s why we named them Dark Horse Dyes - we don’t really know what the final results will be. We decided to do it this way so that we can put out a lot in a shorter period of time. You will let us know which ones you like or not. The one thing we can guarantee is that you will be working with high quality dyes. 

Customer Reviews

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Hippie Pirate
It’s soooooo pretty!!!!

People are going bananas for mindbender but Moody Blue is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
Pix are in indoor light.
Sorry, my photography sucks but these splits do NOT!!

Susan Norton
Love love love

The splits are amazing!