As usual, we will be closed this week in order to remix out of stock dyes and to make a new color. You will be able to order again October 3, 2023. Orders placed before we closed will process as normal. (We needed a couple more days to finish and we will have a new Dark Horse dye to publish Monday.)

Dye Salt

$2.15 USD

We have a 10 lb. limit per order.  If you need more Dye Salt, you will need to place a separate order.1 lb Dye Salt (sodium chloride).  Our dye salt is a fine, non-iodized common salt, important for the dye bath on cotton and plant based fabrics.  It is used to help the fabric receive the dye and to also dispense the dye for more even dye results.  General usage is one cup for each gallon of water, or .5 grams for each gram of fabric, or simply follow the instructions from the recipe you are using.  This dye salt dissolves readily in water.