Colonial Tailor's Chalk


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COLONIAL TAILOR'S CHALK. SOLD BY THE PIECE. This is a professional grade chalk that has been used by tailors for many years.  Use of tailor's chalk was first recorded in 1880.  Tailor's chalk that is found in fabric stores is typically much lower quality and can't compare with Colonial Tailor's Chalk.  Jem's clay chalk is unexcelled in quality.  It is a composition of top grade American clay and whitening powders of natural pigment colors.  The white chalk is easiest to see on medium and dark colored fabrics; but it has worked fine for us on light fabrics as well.  Recommended use: Because it has a clay base and can be brushed off, it is best used for fabric marking that needs to be completely eliminated.  NEVER USE STEAM TO REMOVE!  Pre-test chalk on all fabrics for ease of removal. (We have used Jem's chalk successfully on all of our fabrics, including silk.  We especially like the fact that it brushes off.  By the time we've finished sewing our item, the chalk marks are gone.)  Color: Natural White. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A since 1906.

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