As usual, we will be closed this week in order to remix out of stock dyes and to make a new color. You will be able to order again October 3, 2023. Orders placed before we closed will process as normal. (We needed a couple more days to finish and we will have a new Dark Horse dye to publish Monday.)

Dyer's Tools

Squeeze Bottles and Lids

$1.75 USD

Boston Round Bottle 8oz:  Basic squeeze bottle for holding and applying dye mixtures.  This is a high quality bottle that functions reliably.  It has a soft flex which makes applying liquid dyes very easy.  We prefer this size for all dyeing methods that require a squeeze bottle.  It has a comfortable fit in the hand while working on small and larger items.  Requires a lid - see descriptions below. 

Yorker Spout Lid:  This is the traditional lid used in tie-dyeing.  It has a cone-shaped lid with a red cap.  The lid tip is drilled with a small hole.  The hole can be enlarged if needed by using an awl, or the tip can be snipped.  Your liquid dyes can be stored in the bottle when the red cap is in place. 

Twist-Open Lid:  This twist lid applies liquids when open, and stores liquids when closed.  Volume and direction of dispensed liquid is controlled by squeezing the bottle.  Spout releases a generous volume of liquid where detailed application isn't needed.  Good for use with dye mixtures, chemicals, and liquids. 

Sprayer Lid:  Has a fine mist finger tip sprayer, dip tube, spring-loaded pump, and a clear overcap.  Pump is depressed to spray a fine mist.  The overcap prevents accidental release of contents.  Product can be stored when the overcap is in place.  

Lids are sold separately.  All three lids fit the 8 oz bottle.