Dyespin™ Reactive Dyes

We are running about 5-7 business days (doesn't include the weekend) before we ship orders. Please be patient; we are sorry for the delay.

Dyespin™ original line of dyes are bright, vivid, strong, and bold.  They are  formulated for cotton, rayon, linen, bamboo, and plant (cellulose) fibers and are also effective for silk.  The color swatches below show the liquid dye method on cotton.  These dyes are stock colors that can be purchased in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 1 lb.  Some of the colors are homogeneous which means they are simple dyes without mixture.  All of our reactive dyes are perfect for tie dye, ice dyeing, tub dye, low immersion dyeing, shibori, and batik, etc.  To achieve the colors shown, follow the formula for each color; otherwise, you will end up with a lighter or darker version. 

All of the colors are formulated and mixed by us. At the end of every month we close our shop for five days in order to remix the colors that are out of stock and make new colors. Anyone who has place an order before we close during this time, will receive their order as normal. We don’t stop filling the orders. You just won’t be able to place an order the days we are closed.