Soda Ash


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We have a 10 lb. limit per order.  If you need more soda ash, you will need to place a separate order.  Soda Ash (sodium carbonate) is a mild alkali that is used as a fixative for reactive dyes on cotton and other plant fibers like linen, rayon, hemp, etc.  The most commonly used formula is 1/2 - 1 cup soda ash per gallon of warm water.  Stir well to dissolve.  (Soda ash is a mild skin irritant, so wear nitrile gloves and protection on skin and eyes while in contact.  Wear a dust mask when handling dry soda ash powder.)  Soak fabric or garments to be dyed in the soda ash and water solution for 10-30 minutes.  Do not rinse, but squeeze solution from fabric before dyeing.  Your soda ash solution can remain usable for an indefinite time if stored in a strong plastic container.  Note: Silk fabric requires a weaker soda ash solution and less soaking time - 1/2 cup soda ash per 1 gallon warm water and 10 minute soaking time.