As usual, we will be closed this week in order to remix out of stock dyes and to make a new color. You will be able to order again October 3, 2023. Orders placed before we closed will process as normal. (We needed a couple more days to finish and we will have a new Dark Horse dye to publish Monday.)

Essential Color Wheel

$14.95 USD

Essential Color Wheel Companion by Joen Wolfrom (author of the book, Color Play.)  Ideal for all who use color in their work:  fiber artists, sewists, stitchers, knitters, crocheters, all artists, crafters, etc.  Helps to create perfect color combinations every time.  Features slotted wedge shapes for easy color examination.   Four color plans for each pure color, plus tints, tones, and shades.  Wedges are numbered for easy reference to color plans.  Complete instructions are included.  The package contains one large 12 X 12 inch color wheel with instruction sheet.  Imported.    

Reflects the CMY model:  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (primary colors from which 24 pure colors are made.)  This model is compatible with Reactive Dye primaries:  Cyan (Turquoise), Magenta, Yellow (and successive colors.)