As usual, we will be closed this week in order to remix out of stock dyes and to make a new color. You will be able to order again October 3, 2023. Orders placed before we closed will process as normal. (We needed a couple more days to finish and we will have a new Dark Horse dye to publish Monday.)

Ammonium Sulfate

$2.89 USD

We have a 10 lb. limit per order.  If you need more Ammonium Sulfate, you will need to place a separate order.1 lb Ammonium Sulfate is a salt that forms a mild acid when used for dyeing protein fibers.  It is a fixative and an alternative to vinegar or citric acid because it allows a slower release of acid, encouraging uniformity in shade for light to medium colors.  It can be an eye and skin irritant, so wear gloves and eye protection; and use a dust mask when exposed to the dry powder.  Application: One tablespoon ammonium sulfate per one pound of wool, silk, mohair, etc., in 2.5 gallons of water.